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Created to provide engineers and designers with comprehensive information about ball bearings. There are over 500 pages of technical information on ball bearings as well as tables of all available ball bearings. Our powerful bearing selector technology will help you to find the correct ball bearing for different applications and will print a detailed ball bearing specification page.

Ball bearing part numbering systems are cross-referenced between several different manufacturers. You can access the information on GoBearings.com by clicking on the Technical, Specify a Bearing or News tabs or utilize GoBearings bearing search engine by entering your search term, including part or all of a ball bearing part number, or a technical term of interest. Search results are limited to only those areas of complete relevance.

Types of ball bearings covered on GoBearings.com include:

  • Standard Straight Open Ball Bearings
  • Standard Straight Shielded Ball Bearings
  • Flanged Open Ball Bearings
  • Flanged Shielded Ball Bearings
  • Extended Inner Ring Open Ball Bearings
  • Flanged Extended Inner Rings Open Ball Bearings
  • Extended Inner Ring Shielded Ball Bearings
  • Flanged Extended Inner Ring Shielded Ball Bearings

The Specify a Bearing Type includes:

Bearing Type Bore Range OD Range
Inch Precision .0400" to .3125" .1250" to .5000"
Metric Precision 1mm to 9mm 3mm to 7mm
600 Series 4mm to 9mm 16mm to 26mm
6xxx Series 10mm to 70mm 26mm to 150mm
Thin Section .3750" to .7500" .6250" to 1.0000"
Thrust Bearings 3mm to 10mm 8mm to 18mm
Bushings .125" to .500" .190" to 5.750"

Bearing Overview
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